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- this semester
- journalism and the media
- International Relations
- politicians
- presentations
- problematiques find the paradox within the question, they said. discuss a perspective no-one's ever discussed before, they said.
- negativity
- people being dicks
- not having a decent kitchen including a decent-sized fridge/freezer and an actual oven, omg *waaants*
- only seeing my cats through a computer screen
- the distinct lack of hugs in my life
- this damn throat infection that keeps trying to sink its teeth into me you will not win, i say! *drinks all the juice*
- insomnia
- not being able to focus on anything for any meaningful length of time, least of all the things I really need to focus on at the moment

In other news, this semester is nearly over, thank the gods. Less than two weeks to go, now...a presentation and an exam this week, a take-home exam and two essays next week, then I'm done. Phew.


Sep. 3rd, 2010 10:56 am
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So I ended up seeing Inception three times...two Tuesdays ago, last Friday, and last Saturday. Each time I loved it a little more, and each time I noticed something new or made a new connection. Holy crap, how is this film so awesome?

This post is pretty much me just figuring everything out, because three viewings in and I'm still unclear on some points. Lots of discussion, lots of speculation, some blatant fan-girling of Eames (♥), rampant abuse of italics and capslock...also, spoilers, so if you haven't seen Inception, for gods' sakes go and see it and then come back and discuss how awesome it is!

Cut for spoilery discussion and speculation...3500+ words of it. :D? )

Short version? Inception is a pretty awesome movie. Like all movies, it has its flaws and its triumphs, but I think it came out on top, although some aspects frankly worried me. But I can't wait 'til the DVD comes out...yay special features! \o/

p.s. Have now seen Mysterious Skin and can actually see it working as Arthur's backstory. Am also now really, really creeped out.

p.p.s. Just did a spell-check of my post in preparation for the actual posting bit...I'm amused that the spell-checker highlighted my "nyah nyah bitchcakes".
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Watching How I Met Your Mother on Arena. Spoilers for ep 1.18 and ranting* )

* not about the episode, per se; the episode contains the impetus.

Next post will be my Inception thinky-post, followed hopefully by my Sherlock thinky-post. Still trying to get all my thoughts sorted for each subject...may need to see Inception again. >____>
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The Questions:
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8. What do you love?
9. One word to describe you.

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Last weekend I went to a Krav workshop coordinated by my instructors and led by the highest-graded instructor in Australia, Richard body still aches. This is, of course, the very same Richard Fagan to whom I very earnestly chatted to at the Krav Christmas drinks in Brisbane a couple of weekends ago. *facepalm* But he was very nice, and he didn't look at me like I'm a freak, and he told me I was doing well at one point, so I'm counting it as a win. It still kills me that I had to quit Krav when I moved to Vancouver...I could've been P4 by now.

My uni made me decide straight up if I wanted to pay up-front or take out a HECS/HELP loan. I chose to pay up-front, because I'm only taking one course this semester, and if I pay before the census date I only have to pay 80% (the government covers the rest). Also, I already have a HECS/HELP loan that I have to pay off, and I'm not interested in adding to it.

We're not going to NZ anymore...well, we will, but in April, not this Christmas. Going to go see Granddad for his birthday, and maybe dog-nap back Max if the old man is still feeding him crap. Also hoping to pop into Tauranga and check in on the Phelps branch of the family, and New Plymouth, and maybe the South Island, too...I've never seen it.

Christmas is going to be spent in Brisbane this year. Mum won a gift certificate for a hotel in the CBD for two nights, so we're staying there Christmas Eve and Christmas night, then going to her boss' place for his annual Boxing Day Bash.

We're putting in a garden soon. We bought some herbs on Monday - rosemary, sage, marshmallow, self-heal, peppermint - and investigated dirt and different methods of creating planter boxes today. Mum's getting into natural remedies, and I've been interested in herbs since I was 12 or so, so it'll be good to give it a go. My last garden did really well until it was eaten by a goat, so I think it'll go okay.
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I bought a bottle each of Baileys, Kahlua, frangelico, and white creme de cacao on Tuesday and made myself a Toblerone martini. I let my mum have a sip and it pretty much knocked her off her appears that the Waddell alcohol tolerance skipped a generation.

I got my new glasses on Wednesday! At first I thought there was something wrong with them because when I put them on it felt like I was drunk, but when I called Matthew he said "Good, I'd be surprised if you didn't feel drunk" and said it was because my glasses are stronger than my contacts. I've acclimatised to it now, but it was very strange at the time.

I went down to see my hairdresser (also called Chantelle) for the first time since I left and got my hair chopped. She did a fantastic job, as always...went from shoulder-length to a short bob. It was great to catch up with her, and also to meet the newest addition to her clan, baby Brock. When I left, her son Blake was just a toddler and Kane was a Blake is nearly four, Kane is nearly two, and Brock is five months. (There are two other sons: Matt, 17, from Chantelle's first marriage, and Karl, 10, from her husband's first marriage.) Blake, Kane, and Brock are absolutely adorable...Brock is the happiest little baby I have ever seen, Kane is this tiny little muppet with a grin as big as the sky, and Blake loves Garfield and is a cheeky little beggar. Before I left, I gave Chantelle a bear, a moose, and a bib for Blake, Kane, and Brock. Twenty minutes later, mum got a call then passed me her phone: Blake called up to say thank-you for the "aminimals from Canada". No lie, my heart melted.

Went to Target at Runaway Bay to get new sheets for my bed; they didn't have any sets for doubles. Decided to go to another Target tomorrow when it's not 34 degrees out and headed to Kiwi Kai instead, where I caught up with my old boss and her granddaughter. We bought two mussel pies, some tomato sauce, and some Fresh-Up, got given a Cookie Time biscuit for free, and I managed to possibly secure some work for next week. *fingers crossed*

We're still living in a dust bowl. So much haaaaate. The haze on the horizon and the not being able to breathe properly and the itchy eyes/sneezing/coughing has gotten real old, real fast. Hopefully the dust will settle soon...hopefully we'll get some rain soon, though it'll probably bounce right off. :/

So yes! First week back in Oz: done.
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Back in Oz! It's very strange. Everything's changed, and yet nothing has changed. All the little things that I missed while I was in Canada are back, like noisy mynahs and crickets chirruping and my cats talking to me and the Southern Cross in the sky. I could navigate my way around my suburb in my sleep, and I still know my way around the Gold Coast.

I've been sneezing like crazy lately...South Australia's turned into a dust bowl thanks to the drought, and when a big wind kicked off down south all SA's top soil got blown up to us. It's driving me nuts.

I got my licence reinstated today! In my absence I graduated from Provisional to Open licence, which I'm pretty chuffed about. I'm somewhat pleased with the picture, too.

I also went down to see Matthew, my optometrist, and get my eyes checked out...I've gone from -5.50 to -6.50 over the course of a year and three months, and when I told Matthew I was planning to go to uni he was like "...right" and later told me that if somebody walked into his practice and asked him how to make their eyes worse he would tell them to go back to uni and to get a job where they spend the bulk of their time in front of a computer (basically, my Canada Line job). Which...yes. Anyway. He gave me a set of -6.50 dailies which I am wearing now and am in love with...I can make out signs! And trees actually have leaves, not smudges of green at the top! Unfortunately, he only had the one set of dailies, so I'll be back to my old contacts until Wednesday, when my new contacts will be in and my glasses will be ready.

Turns out my mum's partner has been cheating on her for as long as they had been together. She discovered this thanks to a note addressed to "John Fradd and wife" that was left along with a bag of his clothes at our gate by the woman he was having the affair with. My mum had actually been considering giving him a second a third a fourth another chance - they'd been pretty much separated for the last couple of months - but this woman's letter saved her from making that mistake. I, for my part, am absolutely livid. If I see him in the street, it's going to be very difficult not to beat the ever-loving shit out of him, but I'm going to keep the moral high ground just in case the fucker decides to take mum to court over the house. I'm also astonished that the spineless fucking git was such a skeevy asshole that he decided to call my mum his wife so that the woman he was cheating with wouldn't get clingy, even after my mum had turned him down on multiple occasions.



Going up to Garden City tomorrow to set up a bank account, and to buy a new phone and a SIM card...both my Aussie SIMs expired while I was away, and my current phone doesn't have the bands necessary to function properly in Australia. It should be fun!


I'm kind of epically fond of Colin Morgan...the way he played that rant was fantastic. Arthur/Gwen is adorable, but still very abrupt...I know we have no idea how much time is passing between episodes, but I would've liked to actually see their relationship deepening, so that the kiss - which was really amazing, actually...such a good shot - didn't seem so rushed. I'm still convinced Arthur knows about Merlin, and I hope I'm right because I'd like to see the fallout from that. Next week episode looks awesome...can't wait!


that freakishly accurate test everyone and their cat has been doing )


What happens when you fall in love with a fic snippet, start wondering - a lot - over the idea behind it, watch a lot of related episodes and clips on YouTube, and then get stuck on a fourteen-and-a-half hour flight?

Fic. That's what. I have no idea how it happened or why, but I'm writing again.

A while ago, somebody wrote a fic snippet for Doctor Who where the Doctor is walking along in present day London and sees Jethro (Colin Morgan's character from the Doctor Who episode Midnight) hand-in-hand with Ben (Bradley James' character from that ridiculous show Dis/Connected). Jethro sees the Doctor and the Doctor realises from the look on his face that yep, Jethro was a companion. He's somehow ended up in this day and age after parting ways with the Doctor, and it obviously wasn't an easy parting. Ben notices the Doctor and gets all protective of Jethro. Jethro seems like he's going to come over and say hi to the Doctor; the Doctor turns into an alley and heads back to the TARDIS, not willing to face him but deciding to look Jethro up.

The snippet ends there, and I always wished that the author went back and wrote more. Three hours into my flight home, after watching Midnight on my laptop, I decided I might as well have a crack at it. Surprisingly, I didn't end up with writer's block after three words, and managed to hammer out several scenes and sketch out the story arc of the Doctor and Jethro's first adventure. I also wrote a scene detailing their parting of the ways and Jethro's subsequent meeting with Ben.

This probably won't end up going anywhere...if I finish it at all, I'll probably chicken out of posting it and leave it languishing on my laptop for all eternity. But! It's nice to know that my writing-fu hasn't completely abandoned me! It's just...been in hibernation. Or something. :/
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I'm convinced that Felix (the baby next door) is being tortured. Or something, because that kid just cries all. The freaking. Time. It's possible that he's teething now, because he seems to be at that age, but I don't babies wake up at three in the morning to scream and cry about teething? Or it could be a million other things.. *shrugs* Who knows? But if he's still crying like that tomorrow, I'm going to go around and ask if they'd like a hand, like someone to babysit for a while or...I don't know, something, because if it's bad for me, I don't know how the parents are coping.


I'm starting to pack up my stuff. I managed to buy a hard-case for my bass last Saturday, after some initial misgivings...the problem with having an older bass is that the shape of the body and length of the neck are different to modern configurations. But after some creative spontaneous refurbishing that resulted in me getting a 10% discount (the dude at the store claimed "damages at the warehouse" :D), the bass case was suitable!

This means that I now have two suitcases (the one I came with, and the bass case) and two carry-ons (backpack and laptop case), which I think will hold everything I need them to. My packing strategy is pretty simple: Pack everything that I need that will possibly fit. If it doesn't fit or I don't deem it necessary, than I obviously don't need it, and can chuck it. Simple! Except for my DVDs...I already know they're not going to fit, so I'm going to mail them back to Oz.

My roommate's love-life is still making like a sitcom. I feel like I've been plunked into the middle of Friends or How I Met Your Mother or something. I'm sure J will look back and laugh on this one day, but right now it's frustrating for her and both frustrating and hilarious for me, because The Guy is acting like a retarded Rhesus monkey. I don't understand how you can get to 32 years of age and still be completely fucking oblivious and emotionally challenged, but I'm sure he'll snap out of it eventually...that, or my swan song will be to stage an intervention and get J focussed on someone who isn't an immature idiot.


Been mainlining Generation Kill and Farscape. Farscape because I heart that series a massive amount, and Generation Kill because [personal profile] wordsalone rec'd it...thank-you, [personal profile] wordsalone! (Ray and Rudy are my favorites.) I now have to see if the library has Evan Wright's book, and also probably Nathaniel Fick's as well, because I'm thinking they're going to be damn interesting reads.


Definitely going to Seattle for Bumbershoot! My ticket came in the mail on Friday (thank-you again, [profile] iamsamwise!), I bought my ticket from the soulless minions of the beast at Greyhound, and I managed to find a place to crash via CouchSurfing for the duration of my stay. I'm getting in the day before the festival and leaving the day after...that way I won't be stressed out too much by the travel, and I'll be able to explore Seattle a little more. \o/


I have been/will be working for SK Diamonds from Houston yesterday/today/tomorrow. I worked for them last year at this time, and they remembered me and sent me a Facebook message going "hey, want to work for us again?" to which I replied "heck yes!" 15$/hour to chill out in A/C and and sell diamond jewelery to the masses, which is incredibly easy because they all know what they want anyway, and all I have to do is help process their purchases.

A lot of people hit the display today...I think we sold 70% of the merchandise. Today was pretty neat because just as we were closing up, a man came over with a statue of an eagle made out of solid silver, inquiring as to what type of diamonds Ruzbeh would suggest for its eyes. The statue was about 7 inches tall and weighed 14lbs...the dude said he's going to hide it (along with 11 replicas) somewhere in BC, then write a book about the process of making it and hiding it, put some clues in the book, and let people find the damn thing. He's making a gods-damned treasure hunt. I think that's pretty damn sweet...I might buy the book when it comes out.

I may be going to Toronto to work for them, too...Ruzbeh and Shannon asked me and the other girl who worked today, Tina, if either of us were busy on the 13th, because they're doing an exhibition in Toronto and need workers. I said, jokingly "sure I'm free, I just need to figure out if the pay will cover my plane ticket" and Ruzbeh was like "oh, no, I'll check out prices and if they're reasonable we'll pay for you to come out and help us". Which...would be pretty sweet, not gonna lie. Hopefully that'll work out; I'd like to see Toronto before I split for Oz.


In my last week of being 20 and my last month of living in Vancouver. Fun times, yo.

Done OMG

Aug. 22nd, 2009 01:34 am
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Yesterday was my last day working for SNC-Lavalin. I didn't get out of the office until 7pm because I was arranging for couriers to pick up the boxes of drawings to go up to head office, but I am done,'s over, finito, praise and glory and pass the ketchup.

The past eight months have been hilariously, horrifically insane. I can't quite believe I managed to stick it out. Those first few weeks were touch-and-go...I'm sure some of you remember the multitude of tweets that went something along the lines of "i can't do this". It wasn't pretty; there were a few panic attacks and a lot of crying jags. But I got through.

I'm going to miss working there, I think. Yeah, it sucked beyond belief at first, but the people were pretty cool, and so is the finished product. I took a tour of Waterfront and Vancouver City Centre Stations before they were finished, but yesterday I went down to check out Waterfront Station on my lunch break and it's just...I can't believe it. I helped make this; I contributed to bettering a city's infrastructure. It's kinda staggering. I'm tempted to jump on the train tomorrow or the next day and just take a peek at the nine stations I helped out'd be interesting to see what all the bits and pieces ended up being, and whether or not the problem stations worked out in the end.


So what's next? No idea. I feel like sleeping for a week, but I probably won't. I know for a fact I need to track down a hard-case for Boo, and shut down my phone account and find a way to use up the credits I accumulated. I also need to go motorbike-boot hunting for Mum, and pack...a lot of packing to do. A lot of crap to throw out. It's going to be interesting, for sure.

I'm thinking about heading down to Seattle on the Labor Day long weekend for Bumbershoot. I've already got the 4th off, which means I could have a day to settle in and explore before Bumbershoot kicks off. Also, that's my birthday weekend...finally 21. I actually wanted to be in Chicago or NYC for my 21st, but Seattle is a decent runner-up. I really like Seattle; if for some reason I couldn't settle in Chicago, I think I'd end up there. And Bumbershoot would be a decent way to celebrate: music and arts and words, three of my favorite things.
...except that apparently only people with US or Canadian billing information can purchase tickets, because obviously people from other countries don't want to go to this. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. I'm going to call them tomorrow and see if I can pay another way.

Another thing I'd really like to do while I'm still here is road-trip. Just pick a direction and go. Unfortunately, I don't have a car, or a Canadian driver's licence. One of the things I'll be happiest about when I get back to Oz will be renewing my driver's licence, so I'll be able to just pick up and go if I need to.


Reading U2 by U2. It's one of the most amazing things I've ever read, and it gives me a lot of hope.
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It appears that I fail at recapping IRL occurrences in a timely manner. *facepalm* Okay, here we go.

On Sunday I met up with [personal profile] naeara, [personal profile] faith_girl222, and [profile] pipsi_pirate at the ScotiaBank Theatre downtown to see Star Trek (again)! I got to the theatre around 3.25, got my ticket, then stood around at the meeting place for a few minutes until I realised that the other two girls were possibly two of the girls I was there to meet. Once we'd all arrived we grabbed our munchies as required, then headed in to see the film.

It was just as good on the big screen as I remembered! I cried again at George Sr's death, and caught a few things I hadn't seen the first time (or on the subsequent viewings on my laptop). I realised that the cooing sound when we meet Scotty is the tribble!* And other stuff and nonsense. It was good to see a movie again with people, especially people who are as invested in the film as you.

Afterwards, we went and took a picture with the Star Trek display, then went down to the Starbucks beside the theatre and talked about Star Trek, fic, the ridiculousness of Twilight, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fun times! And then [personal profile] faith_girl222 went to do Father's Day stuff and [profile] pipsi_pirate and [personal profile] naeara and I went to HMV to look for the Star Trek OST and then to Chapters to mock William Shatner's Star Trek novels. We also performed our good deed for the year by flipping every bit of Twilight paraphernalia that we saw, thus saving the minds of innocents from the craziness of SMeyer's creation.

And then we all disbanded and went to our various places of residence. And then I got back to my place and downloaded the Star Trek/I'm On A Boat vid and ripped it to my iPod, because I need vids on my iPod to amuse me while I'm at work.

All in all, it was a great day! It was fantastic to meet some people in Vancouver, particularly these GQMFs, as they are made of awesome and win! I'm already contemplating the logistics of organising a watching party for when the DVD comes out...I want some people to squee over the Gag Reel of Epicness and Win and Captain Fine Knocking Over The Captain's Chair with!

* I saw the tribble the second time, but I thought the cooing was an engine or something...and yes, I know, it's weird for me to focus on a background noise, but I can't help it, my brain just picks up on the weird little things.
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At first I was going to write a long post about it, and then I was going to write one sentence about it, but now I think I'll go somewhere in between, because I hate talking about it and I hate that we have to talk about it but some people just don' and I need to get my thoughts down or they'll drive me insane.

Trauma comes in many different shapes. People deal with it in many different ways. If you're writing about something traumatic that you know could be triggering to those who have lived through it, for the love of all the gods WARN FOR IT.

I don't care if you think your story will lose its special "shock factor", or that you feel you're compromising your artistic integrity, or if you look at it after you've written it and you think well, it's only a very little might be triggering, but I doubt people will mind, or what-the-hell-ever. It is your duty as a human being - as a person with the capacity to think through your actions and consider how they could impact on others - to prevent any undue psychological trauma being visited upon those who've already experienced more than anyone should have to in a lifetime.

Everybody is different. Everybody reacts differently. You do not know who is reading your story. One hundred people who've been traumatised could read your story and be fine, but is it worth it for the one person who gets triggered by a mere turn of phrase and has a panic attack, or a relapse into depression, or is psychologically broken for another few days or weeks or months or - gods forbid - years? For the sake of a heading entitled Warning: and a few words giving people a chance to save themselves.

Just...please. It takes five minutes at the very most, and could save someone a world of hurt. Put warnings on your story...or your essay, or if you link something...basically, if you're directing attention to anything that could be triggering? Warn.

ETA: I'd like to commend arsenicjade for how she dealt with the intial all accounts, she was calm and polite and handled all commenters with grace and dignity, and amended her warnings once she realised it was an issue. Thank-you for handling it so well.

I know - or I hope I know - that everyone on my f-list already knows all this. This is just me getting my thoughts down...not directed at anyone in particular, just a general blah of words to address the situation at hand.
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Star Trek fic-writers! Listen to me! You can not - can not - mix-up "leaping without looking" and "looking without leaping" in reference to Jim Kirk! Leaping without looking is reckless and impulsive, and an apt descriptor for Jim Kirk; looking without leaping is the exact opposite.


My roomie just got back from a party. She's wasted on six party cups of home-made sangria. It's pretty hilarious...she can touch her nose, but she can't walk along a line on the ground, or make it down the hallway without toppling into a wall. She's fighting with her crackberry at the moment, and I keep laughing at her. She threatened to drag me along to one of these things, and I'm tempted to go just so I can laugh at her some more and inject some decent alcohol into her social circle.


Going to see Star Trek again at the cinemas tomorrow, and meet up with some [community profile] ontd_startrek should be fun! It'll be nice to meet new people, I think...I'm pretty nervous, though. *nibbles nails*


Listening to James Blunt...the last time I listened to this CD was early 2008. So trippy. I'm out of my mind.

** roomie just asked me if this is the point she should drunk!text the guy she's crushing on for a booty call. I am both highly amused and completely horrified. It's the very definition of BahahaOMG D:


That One Series continues to scar my retinas, my brain, and my very soul. I know I should give up, but it's like a car crash...horrifying, but captivating.


No seriously, does anyone want my iTunes card? I can't return it because I already scratched the silver stuff off the code. It's just sitting there all pathetic and useless.


The landlords have a's quite possibly the ugliest mutt in the history of the world (and that includes the hairless Chinese Crested Dog downtown with the dead eyes). It's called Bono. Today they left it tied up outside along with Oreo, the wire-haired fox terrier they either just bought or are looking after for someone...I feel really bad for those dogs. They both hate having their heads touched, which I'm attributing to the Demon ChildrenTM (landlords' kids). And talk about attention starved...when I went out to hang out with them so they wouldn't bark/scratch at my door, both dogs were shaking they were so happy they had someone to interact with. It was sad.


...I just noticed the Handbook of Cannabis Therapeutics sitting beside my laptop. What the...?
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Just spent the evening introducing the roomie to the wonders of Star Trek XI! She hadn't had a chance to see it before now, and probably won't until it comes out on DVD, so I set up the laptop and we watched it. It was fun to watch with someone...I kinda miss it. I used to go to the movies a lot with friends, and we'd always talk out way through them...not loud enough to bug anyone else in the theatre, but we'd keep up a running commentary to each other and try and work out what was going on and so on.


Now it's 2am, and I have a headache. I'm thinking it's dehydration and/or sugar rush...I had a couple of cupcakes. Going to drink some water and crash out soon...hopefully tomorrow the noggin will be screwed on straight.


I really miss my Aussie friends. I really only have two over there: Karina and Aimee. Well, and John-Ross, who's Karina's younger brother.

But yeah, I miss them. I lost contact with them...god, must be six months ago, now. I'd had tenuous contact at best for the six months prior to that, and for probably a year and a half before that Karina and I hadn't really been that close.

I didn't keep up with them. I tried...I did. But I was also trying to deal with living on my own in another country, and I couldn't keep up. And I'd always been the one to keep up the contact, to call up or start a convo on MSN or shoot off an e-mail. So when I faltered, it all collapsed.

Karina was my best friend...hell, she was my only friend for a long time. Looking back on it, she probably saved my life. I'm still bitter about how that all played out, in the end...maybe one day I'll be a better person and let go. It's still stings, the memory of that easy it was to be shrugged off and left behind. And I feel bad for sort of doing the same to her. But I was tired of being the one constantly reaching out.


I want to go to Ireland. I want to try and trace my family tree; I think it'd be fun. My mum's dad's mum is from County Clare...that'd be a nice place to start, I suppose. I should probably look into flight prices and so on...could be my next great adventure.


I want to get two armband tattoos: a traditional Maori one depicting my maternal family line and my connection to New Zealand on my right arm (the right side denotes the maternal side) and a Celtic one depicting my connection to my Irish roots on my left arm. I'm going to mull these two over for a while...not that I don't always, but these two are a very cliche sort of tattoo, and will also be highly visible.


Don't read if you want to always think of Razia's Shadow as a nice love story. )


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Dreamwidth gave me an invite code: A6F7NE48FKTV2AAADDWA. Drop a comment if you use it!


BF bought a 100-piece screwdriver set today yesterday, to use on all the electrical things onsite. I'm not going to lie, I'm totally jealous. If I could justify buying a 100-piece screwdriver set, I'd get one, too. As it stands, I'm going to settle for nicking the Stanley screwdriver with the interchangeable heads once this office shuts down...I don't think anyone will miss it if it gets "lost" in the shuffle. *crosses fingers*


I didn't know this, but the warp drive really is a theoretical possibility. In 1994, Michael Alcubierre postulated that one could, by manipulating extra dimensions and using an awful lot of power (like, say, the amount of power you'd obtain by converting the mass of Jupiter into energy), contract the space in front of an object whilst expanding the space behind it, thereby creating a "wave" that the object could "ride". Which brings a whole new meaning to the term "riding the cosmic wave"...anyway. Warp drives! Awesome! Except how some people think that, if dark matter was used to power the warp drive (warp wave? wave drive?), a black hole might accidentally form that would consume the universe and the earth. Tiiiiny problem there. There are ways around it, though - the extra dimension thing, I think? can't remember, now - that would prevent that from happening, so. Warp drive! \o/

Information on warp drives is here and here, and here is the concept drawing for a warpship (look somewhat familiar, anyone? anyone? Bueller?). And Discovery Channel peeps rain on the parade here, although either one of the links up there or mentioned in a connected article actually bypasses their conclusion: WARP DRIVES!


Shit, you guys, my mum has changed her Twitter icon* to green in support of people in Iran. It's pretty awesome...I'm so proud.

Here are some torrents of videos of what is going on in Iran right now. Seed these suckers wherever you can...the word needs to get out. People need to know. I was taking to one of my workmates, and she had no idea what was going on except for a five minute thing she'd seen on the news.

* Yeah, my mum has a Twitter...why, you ask? Because I'm an evil enabler, that's why. It's pretty hilarious, because I forget a lot of the time that she has it, and then suddenly she'll call me out for swearing or making her think I've gotten arrested or somesuch nonsense.


hormones fucking suck, yo )


...and for the nth time in forever, I fail to go to bed at 10pm as planned and instead go to bed by 1am, like an IDIOT. *facedesk* 7000-odd miles away, my mother is pissed off at me and doesn't know why. Good night morning, all.


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