Apr. 24th, 2012

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After much debate with myself and an examination of my calendar and, yes, some hyperventilating, I've come up with a new plan: instead of going straight on to the US like I'd planned, I'm heading back to Australia on June 24. That way I'm only out about $900 in benefits, and while I've just spent $900 on flights, at least I won't be outlaying additional costs for accommodation and food here in Paris while I wait for everything to be sorted. Instead, I can spend some time at home, hang out with my cats, do some baking, do some gardening, and get ready for another semester abroad without worrying anymore than I need to.

This week I just need to focus on writing my two essays and finishing my take-home exam. One essay is due on Wednesday at 11.59pm, the take-home exam is due by the end of class on Thursday, and the last essay is due on Friday at 11.59pm. This would be so much easier if my give-a-damn weren't busted! But I'll get through it. Just have to keep on keeping on.



I haven't seen anything of the Spartacus series in ages. I remember not being hugely taken with the parts of the episode I did see (I think I caught one of the battles and was just like o___O so much corn syrup and/or grape juice, omg), and deciding to watch it some other time.

Then stele3@IJ started posting her Agron/Nasir edits of the latest season (Spartacus: Vengeance) and I was intrigued enough to start watching random episodes.

And it's kind of possible I have fallen in like with this stupid show.

cut for discussion of and spoilers from Spartacus (Gods of the Arena, Blood and Sand, and Vengeance) )


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