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- this semester
- journalism and the media
- International Relations
- politicians
- presentations
- problematiques find the paradox within the question, they said. discuss a perspective no-one's ever discussed before, they said.
- negativity
- people being dicks
- not having a decent kitchen including a decent-sized fridge/freezer and an actual oven, omg *waaants*
- only seeing my cats through a computer screen
- the distinct lack of hugs in my life
- this damn throat infection that keeps trying to sink its teeth into me you will not win, i say! *drinks all the juice*
- insomnia
- not being able to focus on anything for any meaningful length of time, least of all the things I really need to focus on at the moment

In other news, this semester is nearly over, thank the gods. Less than two weeks to go, now...a presentation and an exam this week, a take-home exam and two essays next week, then I'm done. Phew.
nomoreuturns: All for want of a pretty flower. (Bandaid)
Y'know. One of those days. When your uterus is trying to claw it's way out through your stomach, and your body is picking today to be its most unattractive (and your clothes are aiding and abetting, the fuckers), and your room looks like a bomb hit it and you have two hours to get it presentable so a prospective tenant can see see it, and it's hit you that you have 11 days to get your entire life squared away so you don't lose bits of it in the 7000-odd miles between here and there, and there is somewhere you swore never to go back to for any prolonged period of time and look, you're doing exactly that, and...

Today is one of those days.


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