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Just spent the evening introducing the roomie to the wonders of Star Trek XI! She hadn't had a chance to see it before now, and probably won't until it comes out on DVD, so I set up the laptop and we watched it. It was fun to watch with someone...I kinda miss it. I used to go to the movies a lot with friends, and we'd always talk out way through them...not loud enough to bug anyone else in the theatre, but we'd keep up a running commentary to each other and try and work out what was going on and so on.


Now it's 2am, and I have a headache. I'm thinking it's dehydration and/or sugar rush...I had a couple of cupcakes. Going to drink some water and crash out soon...hopefully tomorrow the noggin will be screwed on straight.


I really miss my Aussie friends. I really only have two over there: Karina and Aimee. Well, and John-Ross, who's Karina's younger brother.

But yeah, I miss them. I lost contact with them...god, must be six months ago, now. I'd had tenuous contact at best for the six months prior to that, and for probably a year and a half before that Karina and I hadn't really been that close.

I didn't keep up with them. I tried...I did. But I was also trying to deal with living on my own in another country, and I couldn't keep up. And I'd always been the one to keep up the contact, to call up or start a convo on MSN or shoot off an e-mail. So when I faltered, it all collapsed.

Karina was my best friend...hell, she was my only friend for a long time. Looking back on it, she probably saved my life. I'm still bitter about how that all played out, in the end...maybe one day I'll be a better person and let go. It's still stings, the memory of that easy it was to be shrugged off and left behind. And I feel bad for sort of doing the same to her. But I was tired of being the one constantly reaching out.


I want to go to Ireland. I want to try and trace my family tree; I think it'd be fun. My mum's dad's mum is from County Clare...that'd be a nice place to start, I suppose. I should probably look into flight prices and so on...could be my next great adventure.


I want to get two armband tattoos: a traditional Maori one depicting my maternal family line and my connection to New Zealand on my right arm (the right side denotes the maternal side) and a Celtic one depicting my connection to my Irish roots on my left arm. I'm going to mull these two over for a while...not that I don't always, but these two are a very cliche sort of tattoo, and will also be highly visible.


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