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There is a lot of fanart coming out of Inception fandom, which is many creative people making so many awesome things, it's great!

But... )


Taking my mum to the airport tomorrow morning...she's going back to NZ for a week to make sure my granddad's doing OK in the nursing home and to get all his affairs settled so he can live out the rest of his life in comfort. :\ Kinda wish I was going with her, but I've got a uni assignment due at the end of the week (although, awesome as my News & Politics lecturer is, he's given me an extension...I'm still going to try and get it in on-time, though). If mum manages to get granddad settled once and for all over the next week, it means our trip to NZ at Christmas will be a week of visiting with granddad and a week of actualfax holiday, instead of two weeks of worry. \o/


Sep. 3rd, 2010 10:56 am
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So I ended up seeing Inception three times...two Tuesdays ago, last Friday, and last Saturday. Each time I loved it a little more, and each time I noticed something new or made a new connection. Holy crap, how is this film so awesome?

This post is pretty much me just figuring everything out, because three viewings in and I'm still unclear on some points. Lots of discussion, lots of speculation, some blatant fan-girling of Eames (♥), rampant abuse of italics and capslock...also, spoilers, so if you haven't seen Inception, for gods' sakes go and see it and then come back and discuss how awesome it is!

Cut for spoilery discussion and speculation...3500+ words of it. :D? )

Short version? Inception is a pretty awesome movie. Like all movies, it has its flaws and its triumphs, but I think it came out on top, although some aspects frankly worried me. But I can't wait 'til the DVD comes out...yay special features! \o/

p.s. Have now seen Mysterious Skin and can actually see it working as Arthur's backstory. Am also now really, really creeped out.

p.p.s. Just did a spell-check of my post in preparation for the actual posting bit...I'm amused that the spell-checker highlighted my "nyah nyah bitchcakes".


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