Sep. 5th, 2010 06:47 pm
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Things that were awesome today:
  • yay rain!
  • presents! (scrapbook + refill pages; hot glue gun; origami and kirigami snowflake kit; glitter!; 2 x Toblerones; The 11th Hour by Graeme Base; Lonely Planet - Paris City Guide)
  • lunch at French crepe stall en route to cake
  • cake (had the La Rivale, which was so so good, omg) and iced chocolate and macarons at Le Bon Choix
  • Despicable Me ("It's so cute I'm gonna die!")
  • playing arcade games at the cinema
  • Pizza Capers pizza for dinnerfo
My wish this year as I blew out my candle wasn't for money, or for a boy- or girlfriend, or for travel, or even to do well at was just to have a good year. I kind of wish I had been more specific, but mostly I'm just content with that. Maybe I'm growing up? Perish the thought.

Nearly finished the assignment that's due tomorrow...just need to work out exactly where I was going with the awesome paragraph that is a quarter of my word count for the Wuthering Heights analysis and tie it all in and round it off, and it'll be fine.

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It's officially official...I'm 21! I can get sloshed anywhere in the world, now! \o/

Thanks to everyone for the happy birthdays over on Twitter! They made my day.

Presents this year were a couple of books, a bracelet I've had since Rome but got to actually open this morning, a silver 21 pendant, and a couple of things from Sephora. Also Bumbershoot, which I'll be heading out to in an hour or so...the only thing I'm definite about tonight is the Old 97s; the rest of the time I'll just be wandering.

So yes! Today should be awesome. There'll be music, I can's pretty much perfect.

Also: a movie y'all should check out is Jellyfish (or Meduzot). It's an Israeli film from 2007...I was watching it this morning with Ix-Chel while I was reading Generation Kill, and I really enjoyed it.


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