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I just checked my Griffith Portal, and I'm back in uni! I've been accepted to the Bachelor of GPA was too low to get me into the Bachelor of Journalism. The plan now is to work my way through the requisite 80CP, picking classes that are applicable to both Communication and Journalism. Then, I'll switch switch degrees - and perhaps universities - at the end of the year...provided my grades are high enough. My final goal is to be studying the Bachelor of Journalism at QUT, and (hopefully) to be completed by 2013.*

Am now becoming cheerfully reacquainted with the frustrations of class scheduling! The lecture for my Effective Writing class is on Fridays from 3.00pm to 4.50pm, which is great, but the tutorial is on every day except Friday. Correction: except Friday and Wednesday, which is the other day I would have wanted. I've settled on Mondays from 8.00am to 9.50am, which - while not ideal - leaves the maximum amount of time free for work.

Speaking of which, there is a job currently open for applications that I am really hoping to get: it's a part-time administration position at QUT. It'll slot in perfectly with studying...I can work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, which gives me Monday and Friday to study. There's a little bit of a scheduling conflict with Krav Maga; Krav Maga is on the coast Mondays and Wednesdays and in Brisbane on Tuesday and Thursday, so I wanted to work Tuesday-Thursday-Friday so I could take advantage of those days. Alas, foiled! Oh still depends on me getting the job. *crosses fingers*

I'm a uni student again! \o/

* Unless the world ends. In which case...bugger.


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