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It's official: Panic at the Disco no longer exists in its once-removed-from-original permutation. Ryan and Jon are "embark[ing] on a musical excursion of their own"; Brendon and Spencer are still using the Panic moniker (and have unearthed the !, perhaps? thx, PWeezy).

It's sad, for sure. It always is when band members depart. But Panic lives on in one form, and now we get a new band to keep an eye out for, too. From the sounds of things it wasn't an acrimonious split, so we can always hope for reunion shows somewhere down the road. And I'd prefer for them to split now - when they're all still friends (or so I hope) - than for them to stay together out of loyalty or "business sense" or whatnot and end up hating each other so much that the band implodes.

I'm a little surprised, but I'm not really shocked. It seems like there's been a bit of a split over the past few months, with Ryan and Jon doing one thing and Spencer and Brendon doing something else. So yeah, it feels like it's out of the blue...but I can look back and sort of go "yeah, okay, they've been feeling like this for a while".

As for the "it's not Panic anymore without Ryan (or Jon)" deal...I don't know. Was the band still Panic when Brent was kicked out? Is the Smashing Pumpkins still the Smashing Pumpkins now that Billy Corgan is the only original member? Ditto with Wolfmother and Andrew Stockdale? Was The Academy Is... still The Academy Is... when their original drummer and original guitarist left, and then when Tom left? I don't know how it works, how some bands can do it and some can't.

It does suck. Because they're so close in age to me, and because of their album content, I feel like I've grown up with this band. When I was an angry little emo-esque teenager, they were angry little emo-esque teenagers. When things turned around and I was feeling happier, it seemed like it turned around and they were feeling happier, too.

The thing I don't get is why now. They have supporting spots on the Blink-182 tour and for the No Doubt show in August...are Ryan and Jon going to be on stage for those or not? What's up with the new demos? Do any of them have Jon and Ryan playing on them? Will Brendon and Spencer keep those and pay out royalties for those songs and not play them live, or will they ditch them completely? It's all very strange.

Edit: As I typed this up, Brendon and Spencer weighed in back at the original post on FOE. They shed a little more light on the situation, but not a lot. But it sort of sounds like it'll be just them (plus a touring musicians) for Blink-182 and No Doubt, which will be interesting.

I'm listening to Pretty. Odd. with only the right earbud in, and most of what I'm hearing is Brendon's vocals and Spencer's drums (along with back-up instruments and some bass). I'll admit, I LOLd.


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