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 I got an e-mail from my mum yesterday. There was no text in the body of the e-mail. The only text was in the subject line. It read:



I doubt there will be severe repercussions if I do pierce anything else, but it's hilarious to see the reaction.


Okay, so. I bought tickets for myself, my roommate, and one of the guys she's pseudo-dating to see the midnight Harry Potter screening on Tuesday. The two tickets for her and Peter cost $25. At first, she made no mention of paying me back at all...then yesterday I told her I'd give her some money to buy us a slab of this organic lemonade that we both drink. She also bought me some mint, because I mentioned I couldn't find any at our local store. All up, the slab and mint cost $21. I'd left out $10 to cover my share in the slab, but when I came out this morning she'd put it on my laptop. Just now, she came in and was like "oh, so I figured the slab and the mint covered the cost of the tickets, okay?" and I said "...uh okay." 

But I've thought about it, and I don't really think it's okay. In fact, I've got that sinking feeling I get in my stomach when I realise I've been gipped. Because a) I paid $25 and the slab and mint only cost $21...that's a $4 difference, and b) she's going to be drinking the lemonade and using the mint, too.

Am I right? Have I been gipped? Is it worth it to say "look, I think this is unfair because I've basically just paid for you to drink my lemonade and lost $4 into the bargain"? Or am I overreacting?

*clutches head*

Gods, I hate social interactions with the power of 10 000 suns. TEN. THOUSAND. SUNS.

Edit: I sorted it all out...paid her half for the slab and mint, she paid me back for the ticket, and Peter will pay me back on Tuesday evening. Good grief. But still...did I overreact? Was I wrong in my thinking? What do you all do in these situations? HOW DO NORMAL PEOPLE ACT???

... :D? 


I hate my brain.


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