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Back in Oz! It's very strange. Everything's changed, and yet nothing has changed. All the little things that I missed while I was in Canada are back, like noisy mynahs and crickets chirruping and my cats talking to me and the Southern Cross in the sky. I could navigate my way around my suburb in my sleep, and I still know my way around the Gold Coast.

I've been sneezing like crazy lately...South Australia's turned into a dust bowl thanks to the drought, and when a big wind kicked off down south all SA's top soil got blown up to us. It's driving me nuts.

I got my licence reinstated today! In my absence I graduated from Provisional to Open licence, which I'm pretty chuffed about. I'm somewhat pleased with the picture, too.

I also went down to see Matthew, my optometrist, and get my eyes checked out...I've gone from -5.50 to -6.50 over the course of a year and three months, and when I told Matthew I was planning to go to uni he was like "...right" and later told me that if somebody walked into his practice and asked him how to make their eyes worse he would tell them to go back to uni and to get a job where they spend the bulk of their time in front of a computer (basically, my Canada Line job). Which...yes. Anyway. He gave me a set of -6.50 dailies which I am wearing now and am in love with...I can make out signs! And trees actually have leaves, not smudges of green at the top! Unfortunately, he only had the one set of dailies, so I'll be back to my old contacts until Wednesday, when my new contacts will be in and my glasses will be ready.

Turns out my mum's partner has been cheating on her for as long as they had been together. She discovered this thanks to a note addressed to "John Fradd and wife" that was left along with a bag of his clothes at our gate by the woman he was having the affair with. My mum had actually been considering giving him a second a third a fourth another chance - they'd been pretty much separated for the last couple of months - but this woman's letter saved her from making that mistake. I, for my part, am absolutely livid. If I see him in the street, it's going to be very difficult not to beat the ever-loving shit out of him, but I'm going to keep the moral high ground just in case the fucker decides to take mum to court over the house. I'm also astonished that the spineless fucking git was such a skeevy asshole that he decided to call my mum his wife so that the woman he was cheating with wouldn't get clingy, even after my mum had turned him down on multiple occasions.



Going up to Garden City tomorrow to set up a bank account, and to buy a new phone and a SIM card...both my Aussie SIMs expired while I was away, and my current phone doesn't have the bands necessary to function properly in Australia. It should be fun!


I'm kind of epically fond of Colin Morgan...the way he played that rant was fantastic. Arthur/Gwen is adorable, but still very abrupt...I know we have no idea how much time is passing between episodes, but I would've liked to actually see their relationship deepening, so that the kiss - which was really amazing, actually...such a good shot - didn't seem so rushed. I'm still convinced Arthur knows about Merlin, and I hope I'm right because I'd like to see the fallout from that. Next week episode looks awesome...can't wait!


that freakishly accurate test everyone and their cat has been doing )


What happens when you fall in love with a fic snippet, start wondering - a lot - over the idea behind it, watch a lot of related episodes and clips on YouTube, and then get stuck on a fourteen-and-a-half hour flight?

Fic. That's what. I have no idea how it happened or why, but I'm writing again.

A while ago, somebody wrote a fic snippet for Doctor Who where the Doctor is walking along in present day London and sees Jethro (Colin Morgan's character from the Doctor Who episode Midnight) hand-in-hand with Ben (Bradley James' character from that ridiculous show Dis/Connected). Jethro sees the Doctor and the Doctor realises from the look on his face that yep, Jethro was a companion. He's somehow ended up in this day and age after parting ways with the Doctor, and it obviously wasn't an easy parting. Ben notices the Doctor and gets all protective of Jethro. Jethro seems like he's going to come over and say hi to the Doctor; the Doctor turns into an alley and heads back to the TARDIS, not willing to face him but deciding to look Jethro up.

The snippet ends there, and I always wished that the author went back and wrote more. Three hours into my flight home, after watching Midnight on my laptop, I decided I might as well have a crack at it. Surprisingly, I didn't end up with writer's block after three words, and managed to hammer out several scenes and sketch out the story arc of the Doctor and Jethro's first adventure. I also wrote a scene detailing their parting of the ways and Jethro's subsequent meeting with Ben.

This probably won't end up going anywhere...if I finish it at all, I'll probably chicken out of posting it and leave it languishing on my laptop for all eternity. But! It's nice to know that my writing-fu hasn't completely abandoned me! It's just...been in hibernation. Or something. :/


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