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The lovely [personal profile] candidlily provided me with a Dreamwidth code, and I finally got around to setting it all up! I'll probably use this thing to post from now on, and auto-crosspost to my LJ. I'm not going to disable comments over at LJ...if I ever do, it'll be when everyone on my f-list has made the switch.

In other news, it was Blog Like It's The End Of The World Day yesterday! I didn't know this existed until after the fact last year, and was bummed that I'd missed it...then I realised it was an annual thing! So I signed up for it this year. I signed up with my LJ, but most of the BLITEOTW shenanigans happened over on Twitter...anything with the #bliteotw tag was part of the fun, though I think my first tweet of the day could also be counted, as it mentions the screaming baby next door (getting eaten, mayhaps? ...I'm sick, I apologise) and my roomie being really loud (which could potentially attract zombies). I hope the me residing in the BLITEOTW-world'd be sad if I didn't. My last Twitter update was very simply "fuck.", so who knows which way it went.*

I had a busy-ish day yesterday...for me and for a Saturday, at any rate. Woke up at 8am thanks to the aforementioned loudness of the roomie and the baby screaming next door; went to the store and bought laundry detergent and a box so I can clean up my room; put on a load of washing; headed into the CBD to open a savings account and got a brand new card with a shiny chip so it's harder to defraud me; went and saw Up! and cried like a baby (more on that later); came home and switched out laundry and tried not to kill roomie. And carrying on with the BLITEOTW happenings, of course.

So, Up!. I was sorta not really kinda maybe going to see it today...almost didn't when I realised I had an hour and a half until the next session, but did it anyway. It made me cry within the first ten minutes - narrowly losing out to Star Trek, which came in at seven minutes (George Kiiiiiirrrrrk ;____;) - and at least two other times during the course of the film. It hit both my fear-of-never-doing-anything-with-my-life-and-never-living-out-my-dreams button and my father-issues button. Overall I liked it, but I don't think I'll ever willingly see it again.

Okay, so you know how sometimes you start reading a series, and it starts out really promisingly? And then about five fics in the characters start to get OOC, and talk way, way too much and way, way too articulately about their feelings and each other's psyches and all that jazz? And it seems to be degenerating the further into the series you go, but you persevere anyway, because now you just want to see what happens, damn it? And you're hoping it'll get better...and then suddenly it's fic 30 and it's OTT and OOC and you just want to shoot yourself with phasers set to OH MY GOD BRAIN I'M SORRY I TORTURED YOU WITH THIS HERE'S A MERCY-KILLING YOU SORRY BASTARD???
...that's me right now. :(

* ...I think I'd just realised I was feeling really fucking tired, and I wasn't sure if I was going to push on or stop for the night. I like to think I stopped, checked my LJ, saw that the friend I was going to hole up with had told me that the 205 was a massacre-in-progress, and eventually arrived safely at her place (with a small, quick, painless sidetrip for some more shells for the shotgun and all the other guns I had).


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