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After much debate with myself and an examination of my calendar and, yes, some hyperventilating, I've come up with a new plan: instead of going straight on to the US like I'd planned, I'm heading back to Australia on June 24. That way I'm only out about $900 in benefits, and while I've just spent $900 on flights, at least I won't be outlaying additional costs for accommodation and food here in Paris while I wait for everything to be sorted. Instead, I can spend some time at home, hang out with my cats, do some baking, do some gardening, and get ready for another semester abroad without worrying anymore than I need to.

This week I just need to focus on writing my two essays and finishing my take-home exam. One essay is due on Wednesday at 11.59pm, the take-home exam is due by the end of class on Thursday, and the last essay is due on Friday at 11.59pm. This would be so much easier if my give-a-damn weren't busted! But I'll get through it. Just have to keep on keeping on.



I haven't seen anything of the Spartacus series in ages. I remember not being hugely taken with the parts of the episode I did see (I think I caught one of the battles and was just like o___O so much corn syrup and/or grape juice, omg), and deciding to watch it some other time.

Then stele3@IJ started posting her Agron/Nasir edits of the latest season (Spartacus: Vengeance) and I was intrigued enough to start watching random episodes.

And it's kind of possible I have fallen in like with this stupid show.

I'm impressed with how they handle Agron and Nasir's relationship, namely how it's totally not a big deal that this massive German gladiator and this honey of Syrian are gaying it up all over the place...because as far as we know, it wasn't a big deal. I've also seen some episodes of Gods of the Arena and Blood and Sand, and the same goes for Barca his relationships (with Pietros in BaS and Auctus in GotA) one so much as blinks.

I also appreciate how they handled Naevia and Crixus' relationship after Naevia is rescued from the mines in Vengeance. Just...yeah. No magical healing sexy times, no ditching her because she won't sleep with him...instead, it's all "here, let's give you a sword and teach you how to hack people's heads off so you'll never be mistreated again." and her cutting off one of her abuser's heads in one (OK, three or four) blow(s).

Relatedly, I'm pretty much in love with Agron. Not to say his lying about Naevia was an endearing quality (because that was a dick move, seriously), but the way he went straight to Naevia's aid when Seddulus assaulted her...there was no hesitation, no question, Agron just saw one of his countrymen assault Naevia and went I FUCKING TACKLE YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU BE EIGHT FEET TALL. And then, of course, Agron got the shit beaten out of him by Seddulus the fucking giant. And then Crixus was standing there all LOL and then he realises Agron was defending Naevia and he goes OH NO YOU DIDN'T. And then Spartacus CHOPPPED THE DUDE'S FACE OFF. NOT HIS HEAD. HIS FACE. OFF. RIGHT OFF. DOWN THE VERTICAL AXIS. SCHWOOMP. GONE. I was simultaneously stoked and supremely grossed out by that.

Also. May I just say, Gannicus is hot like fire, and I would hit that like the fist of an angry god. Dustin Clare didn't make a huge impression on me in his other roles (he's been in a few Australian things) but hot damn, gladiator is a look that works for him.

Call me crazy, but if he were a few years younger and a few inches taller, I could buy him as Finnick from The Hunger Games. Tanned, sun-bronzed hair, looks like he could wield a trident...I'd buy it.

There're a lot of familiar faces, which isn't surprising since Spartacus is filmed in New Zealand. Also, I have to giggle at the strength of the Kiwi accents with some of the characters; the accents of the medicus and Nasir in particular are pretty strong. The most notable familiar face was Temuera Morrison: dude was awesome as the original Doctore, and his and Gannicus' first exchange in the first ep of GotA was priceless:

Doctore: Save the blood for the fucking sands, Gannicus. What seized fucking brain releasing your swords in the arena?
Gannicus: I could've killed the man absent an arm and both fucking legs.
Doctore: Hubris. A fine quality. Often possessed by c*nts who perish from it.

Speaking of, that first fight from GotA was nuts. Gannicus laughing his ass off and bouncing off the walls (literally), then getting nicked by his opponent (because he stopped to look at a woman's tits, naturally) and going "Dude. SHIT JUST GOT REAL" and then, yes, ditching his swords in favour of a hands-on approach (who the hell uses their bare fists in the middle of a gladiator fight against a shield-bearing, sword-wielding opponent? Fucking Gannicus the Celt does), before taking up his swords again and killing the dude even though his dominus is yelling from the sidelines "Wait! Wait! Kill him in a minute, when the bigwigs get here!" *facepalm*

And then of course there's the market fight, which...I thought stele3@IJ had watched GotA when she said (emphasis mine):

"The thing you need to understand about Gannicus is, he's a freaking rock star. He's the ancient Rome equivalent of Mick Jagger, if Mick Jagger were a drunken, muscular Celt who can kill five men with his eyes blindfolded."

but it turns out she's just sorta's not five men, it's just the one, but Gannicus does in fact fight blindfolded, and he does in fact kill the dude deader than a doornail (using some truly excellent situational awareness in the process).

I don't have much to say about BaS, mainly because I haven't seen that many episodes of it...mostly it's been Vengeance and GotA. I will say I quite liked Varro right up until he blamed his wife for getting raped (by his friend, because he wasn't there, because he sold himself into slavery to clear the debts he racked up gambling), though he regained some favour when he got over himself and realised what a dick he'd been and was all "this baby is yours and I would raise and love it because it came from you." And then he died. D:

So, yeah...Spartacus is OK. I mean, the fights are hilarious (so much much grape juice/corn syrup) but the characters are pretty solid and have decent arcs, considering. I focused a lot on the male characters in this post (oops...) but the female characters are pretty bad-ass, too. I especially love Aurelia, Varro's wife, and Mira for being continually, amazingly bad-ass. And Naevia has my love forever for being awesome and for hacking off Ashur's head.


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