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A couple of weeks ago my mum brought Julian, on of my former foster kittens, home. Two weeks later, everyone's happy...except my cat Mitzie won't play with Julian because she's about 75 in human years and he's only about five, and so he's been kinda lonely. Which meant last Firday my mum went to pick up Julian's brother Max. So now we have three cats: Mitzie, 14, and Julian and Max, both eight months.

Mitz is being stoic in the face of change...she hasn't run for the hills yet, so we think she'll be OK; I think she probably remembers them, and so her hate is tempered somewhat by familiarity. Juju is as smoochy as ever, and is apparently overjoyed to have somebody that will PLAY WITH HIM OMG: he follows Max around and grooms him and is just generally a precious bb. Max has settled in, but we're a little concerned...he's HUGE, bigger than Mitzie (who is big for a female DSH), and he keeps pestering her. We’re not sure if it’s an “I want to play with you!” thing or an “I want to be top cat!” thing; Mum’s trying to make Max aware of his place at the bottom of ladder, but we're not sure if he'll understand that or if he'll just get resentful, or if he'll understand and get resentful. :\

But: so far, so good. Of course, you all know what comes now: pictures! Also videos!

Max doesn't like to be photographed or filmed all that much, but Juju apparently likes it, hence there being more pictures of Juju than Max. Anyway...

This is Julian!

And this is Max!

Mum's been trying to keep them off the table, but she hasn't had much success...

Juju has claimed KM's old chair as his own, which is a little disconcerting considering he and KM were all but identical.

Max is amazed by the magical door! He's seen Mitzie go through it a few times, but he still hasn't figured out how to use it...*facepalm*

Here is Julian hanging out with Mitz. She's not a very affectionate cat, to humans or fellow felines, but she's tolerating Juju:

Julian: Lookit how cute I am!
Mitzie: *hates*

...sort of. :\

Finally, drunk Juju is drunk:

...not really. But if he were, he'd be a kitten after his mum's own heart.

And now videos!

This is Julian before we picked up Max. Sometimes he would find himself at a loose end, and would make his own fun:

This is Juju being precious and trying to keep the peace by grooming Max to keep him from bothering Mitzie:

And this is just after that, when Max decides he simply has to see Mitz, and realises his only option is stealth:

There's a longer version of that video wherein Juju rolls over and smacks Max in the face...I LOLd, no lie. XD


And now a much belated meme!

Comment on this post with I VOLUNTEER! I will give you a letter. You will think of five fictional characters that begin with that letter and post their names and your comments on these characters in your DW/IJ/LJ.

The lovely [personal profile] candidlily gave me the letter J! And I came up with:

JARVIS (Iron Man/Iron Man 2)
My favourite AI! I love how snarky he is (see: the “What was I thinking? You’re usually so discreet” comment regarding the armour in the first movie). I like that he actually cares about Tony (see: when he tries to get him to confide in Pepper in the second movie). And he’s voiced by Paul Bettany (Chaucer from A Knight’s Tale)!

Jake Jensen (The Losers)
One line: "That's right, bitches: I got a crossbow."
Also: he's super-invested in his niece's Under 8s football (soccer) team, the Petunias, and wears their team shirt (baby pink with a giant-ass Petunia on it) with pride, he hacks satellites so his friend Pooch can watch over his wife and child, and totally has a thing going on with Cougar. I mean seriously, you can see that shit from space.

Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)
She can drive like a demon, loves her funny little husband, and is sexy as hell. Plus it’s always nice to see a redhead who’s not evil (e.g. Rumpelstiltskin from Shrek), a thief (e.g. the Stabbington brothers from Tangled), or a bully (e.g. Mertle from Lilo & Stitch).

Johanna (The Hunger Games)
She's strong, smart, and confident. She's lost a lot, but she still manages to keep going. She's not nice, or sweet, and I love that we get a character like that. I honestly can't wait to see her on-screen in Catching Fire...I love Katniss and Gale and Peeta, but Johanna (and Finnick) are the ones I'm holding out for.

John Watson (Sherlock BBC)
John Watson in Sherlock isn't a genius, but he's smart; he's brave, but not (overly) reckless; he's kind, but god help you if you hurt someone he cares about. If you had to count on anyone, you would count on him. Without John, Sherlock's just a tactless git who is stupidly, dangerously clever, who probably would have died in A Study in Pink...honestly, Sherlock, you could have analysed the pill at the lab at Bart's, but nooo, you were going to take it. With John, he's a tactless git who is stupidly clever that has somewhere to direct it that is productive and profitable and somewhat stable.


And now I have to get cracking on my final assessment pieces. I have:
  • For Media & Politics:
    • a final exam wherein I have to two hours in-class to write an essay answering one of three questions given to us on the day (due next Wednesday)
  • For Contemporary Domestic Politics in the US:
    • an oral presentation on judicial activism in the US (due next Wednesday)
    • an essay on a subject of my choosing (due in a week and a half),
  • For Theory of International Relations:
    • an essay on any of the topics covered in the last six weeks (due in two weeks)
  • For Strategic Studies:
    • a take-home final exam wherein we're given about 10 questions and we have to write one-page (at the most) answer to two of them (due a week after he sends out the questions)
Let's briefly discuss how much I love my Strategic Studies lecturer, OK. He's a great speaker, he's funny, he curses in class (well, he cursed once and then spent five minutes telling us how if we liked we could pretend that he was saying "phoque" (French for seal) instead of "fuck"), he sets doable readings, and our assessment from him consists of: an oral presentation (40% of grade), the take-home exam (40% of grade), and participation in class (20% of grade). He's on the same level of awesome as my Introduction to Politics/Political Institutions lecturer from last year, who was also a great speaker and marked us on in-class quizzes of five or ten questions each, one or two minor essays, and participation in class. If you ever get the chance to study at Sciences Po or Griffith University, try for a class with Ronald Hatto or Gideon Baker...those guys are A+ Excellent. :D

Edit: Wow, HTML fail. It should be fixed, but if it looks wonky, please tell me!

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Date: 2012-04-14 03:32 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] candidlily
Oh man, Jake Jensen was so super great. I need to watch The Losers again.


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