Lazy day

Jan. 15th, 2012 05:22 pm
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I meant to get up at a respectable hour this morning and go buy:

1. a backpack for school;
2. a sweater; and
3. some socks

because :

a. I don't care if the Parisians mock me for being unfashionable, my shoulders are screaming at me for carrying my handbag everywhere;
b. in what I am calling temporary insanity, I neglected to pack a hoodie or light sweater, meaning if I'm feeling chilly I either have to wear my jacket/trench coat/overcoat indoors or suffer; and
c. even though I'd gotten together several pairs of socks, only three pairs made it into my suit case. Because I am a dunce.

Instead, I slept until 2pm, then had "breakfast" (raisin scone, a lemon curd yogurt, and half a bottle of pineapple juice), then spent an hour and a half reading, and then another hour and a half ordering all my crap, and then a few hours trying to be productive and ultimately failing, and am now posting to DW/LJ while listening to the old Empires demos and trying to remember the order of the HOWL musical [personal profile] rhombal came up with once upon a time.

Even though I am tempted to swear off handbags for the rest of my natural life - seriously, both of my shoulders (but especially my left one) are not happy with me - I am really rather fond of this handbag. It's purple. With chocolate points. It's like someone designed it just for me. :D

Am also trying to finish my The Hounds of Baskerville post before The Reichenbach Fall actually airs...I should probably get on that, actually, it airs in about 23 minutes. Eep! (Not that I'll actually get to watch it when it airs because BBC iPlayer only works for people in the UK - damn you BBC! - but I'll be able to catch it tomorrow hopefully! *fingers crossed*)
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