Apr. 11th, 2012

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Oh wait, you already are.

If y'all don't re-elect Obama, it's quite possible we're going to be completely screwed. Not that I think he's necessarily going to put a stop to this (because so far I haven't seen sh!t to say he can), but if one of those GOP assholes gets in then it'll that much easier for them to blatantly ignore your Constitution and do whatever they goddamn feel like.

I'm not American. I'd maybe like to live there one day, but right now this doesn't affect me. But it will, even if I don't move to the Land of the (ostensibly) Free. Because the thing is, the US stance on things like civil rights doesn't just affect Americans: it affects everyone. Whether you guys like it or not, a lot of other nations - not just little nations, either - look to your policies as the benchmark for their own. I'm not saying Australia's going to throw over our admittedly not-too-shabby Medicare system to follow in America's footprints (forcing people to buy insurance is just stupid, I mean come on, really), but when your stupid-ass politicians say shit like "abortion for any reason at any stage is wrong!", our stupid-ass politicians listen. And take notes.

So...yeah, IDK. I may rant a little more later...I've got FEELINGS today. But there should a post with some pictures and videos of KITTIES \o/ coming soon, just to temper the rage.
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According to The Huffington Post, George Zimmerman is probably going to be charged for the death of Trayvon Martin (here).

If he really is charged, it apparently won't be with first-degree murder...first-degree murder charges require a grand jury in Florida, and the prosecutor isn't convening one. So...I guess a charge is better than no charge at all?

You know what made me laugh (because if I hadn't laughed, I might have cried)? Earlier this afternoon I was reading another article from The Huffington Post, the one about Zimmerman's legal counsel being demoted to his legal advisors or whatever-the-hell, and there was a link in the article to a website set up by Zimmerman to raise funds for his legal fees. He wants people to pay money to help him avoid whatever punishment he gets for killing a child. But that's not even the kicker...the kicker is when I visited the site (it was like an incident of minor property damage, I couldn't not take a look) and saw this old chestnut at the bottom of the page, not a part of the main text, just above the visitor counter:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing.

Really, George? Really? See, this is what I take from your use of that phrase: Trayvon Martin - walking to his father's house from the convenience store, can of iced tea and bag of Skittles in hand - was evil triumphant, and you are the good man that did something about it. A child coming home from the store was evil; the man who followed, shot and killed him is good. Do you really want that to be your message to the world, George?

Sometimes I really hate the world.

Edit: George Zimmerman is in custody and has been charged with the murder in the second degree of Trayvon Martin. *fistpump*


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